Joseph P. McDevitt

I graduated from the North Bennet Street School in Boston, Massachusetts under the direction of Roman Barnas where I completed my first eight instruments. While in Boston, I was fortunate enough to work very closely with Marco Coppiardi, a very well known maker and restorer throughout various parts of the world, which I continue to carry on much of what I learned throughout my work today. In 2013, I purchased a local business knows as Fegley’s Violin Shop in Reading. Fegley’s has been in the stringed instrument business for nearly four decades, founded in 1979 by the late James E. Fegley and his wife, Marjorie.

They began by providing services to the local stringed instrument community but soon the business expanded to provide quality work for students and professional players throughout the country.  I continue the Fegley tradition by making, restoring, and selling fine stringed instruments and bows. Since taking over, I split my time equally between building new instruments and repairing old instruments and I’ve made over 30 instruments to date; 16 violins, 10 violas and is currently building his 4th, 5th and 6th cellos.


I only build between 3-4 instruments per year. My mission as a maker is to provide professional musicians with a high quality product for a realistic price while not compromising everything they need in an instrument to be competitive in todays music world.


2021 Viola

Viola #11 currently being built, this viola is a Guadagnini model. It is being custom tailored to fit…


2021 Cello

Cello #7 currently in the process of being built, this cello is my first Gofriller model.


2021 Violin

Violin #18 made in 2020, this violin is a Antonius Stradivarius PG model. It is unnamed at this…


Instrument #33

Violin #17 made in 2020, this violin is a Guarneri Del Gesu model. It is named “Cinque” after…


#32- Available for Trial

Cello #6 made in 2020, this is a Stradivarius model. It is named “Ralske”. It has one of…

ralske cello 1

Instrument #31

Cello #5 made in 2020, this is a Stradivari Model. It is named ” McGonigle”. It is owned…